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[Fanning] Season 2: I want to buy a plane

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[Fanning] After the launch of the first season, it was warmly sought after by everyone, and the number of fans has skyrocketed!

In this issue, I will introduce you to "Airplanes Everyone Can Afford"

Scent of English Black Tea

Stunning and sexy!

Fighter in the fan! I want to buy a plane!

Look carefully, but I have the rotating wings of the MV 22 Osprey!

Just call me MV 23!

"Osprey" or "Blood Droplet"? Where is it good to use?

Let's have some more jets!

Would you like a fan so naughty?

Streamlined pillar, lean forward. . . . . . . . Light from the wings.

Have you ever thought that the blue sky and white clouds are soaring?

The high-end atmosphere can make your home become an aviation club in an instant!

If you want to be good, you must be good at it. Join us and let the sales skyrocket!

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